Where to find (or make) that perfect red carpet outfit:

• Use (or borrow a friend's) old bridesmaid's dress

• Scour the second hand shops and garage sales

• Try the clearance racks in a department store right after a high school dance

• Dress up any outfit or gown by adding beading, cording, fancy fabrics, fringe, etc.

• Not the right color? Take a can of spray paint to the dress.

• Accentuate any shirt by adding a costumed bow tie to it.

Up Do How To's:
Click below for steps on how to create your perfect hairstyle for your fabulous night at the Oscars!
French Twist
Loose Waves
Star Fire Pony
Braid Bun

Or, simply, Order online!

Marilyn Monroe Deluxe Wig (Adult)

Pink Marilyn Adult Costume

Marilyn Monroe Niagara Red Dress Adult Costume

Directors Megaphone

The Director Adult Costume

Clapboard for Movie Director

Betty Boop Wig (Adult)

Betty Boop Jewelry Set (Adult)

Betty Boop Aviator Adult Costume

Betty Boop Sailor Adult Costume

Betty Boop Starlet Plus Adult Costume

Betty Boop Plus Adult Costume

Betty Boop Deluxe Short Dress Adult Costume

Betty Boop Deluxe Starlet Long Dress Adult Costume

Betty Boop Adult Costume

Betty Boop Dog Handbag

Betty Boop Garter

Be-Bop Wig (Black)

Holly Golightly - Breakfast At Tiffanys Adult Costume

Hollywood Rocker Adult Wig

Hollywood Glamour Red Kimono Adult

Hollywood Glam Queen (Fuchsia) Adult Costume

Hollywood Glam Queen (Black) Adult Costume

Marilyn Monroe Ballerina Adult Costume

Hollywood Starlet Adult Costume

Sexy Marilyn Adult Costume

Silver Screen Sinsation Adult Costume

Long White Gloves - Child

Marilyn Monroe Bombshell Wig

Silver Sequin Adult Shoes

Hollywood Devil Adult Costume - Red

Sexy Marilyn Wig

Hollywood Bling Set

Sexy Marilyn Adult Costume

Silver Screen Sinsation Adult Costume

Deluxe Marilyn Adult Costume

Barbie - Ken Plus Adult Costume Kit

Lady Gaga Tuxedo Adult Costume

Barbie - Ken Adult Costume Kit

Gala Adult Shoes

Tuxedo T-Shirt Adult Costume

Lounge Lizard Adult Costume

Dapper Dog Costume

Orange Tuxedo Adult Costume

Blue Tuxedo Adult Costume

Crypt Keeper Tuxedo Adult Costume

Formalities Adult Costume

Formal Tails with Body Suit Adult

Diamond Ring

Diamond Earrings

Diamond Bracelet

Kim Adult Costume Kit

Marilyn Monroe Ballerina Adult Costume

Starlight (Silver) Adult Shoes

Starlight (Gold) Adult Shoes

Starlight (Black) Adult Shoes

Charleston Chap Adult Plus Costume

White Fingerless Gloves with Black Stars Adult

White Stretch Elbow Gloves Adult

Hollywood Starlet Adult Costume

Black and White Adult Feather Boa

Green and White Feather Boa Adult

Barbie Feather Boa

6 Two Tone Pink Feather Boa

Feather Boa Emerald Green

Feather Boa 72"

Burlesque Beauty Wig Adult

Deluxe International Beauty Wig - Blonde

Classic Beauty Deluxe Wig Black

Pinup Wig - Brown

Pinup Wig - Black

Pinup Wig - Auburn

Clapboard for Movie Director

Vintage Hollywood Wig

Rhinestone Bracelet Elastic

Xotic Eyes Jasmine Eye Kit

Xotic Eyes Midnight Eye Kit

Bat Wing Eyelashes (Adult)

Spider Eyelashes (Adult)

Black Star Eyelashes

Black Lace Eyelashes

Professional Glamour Mascara (Jet Black)

Glitzy Eyelashes

Green Glitter Nails and Lashes Adult

Mini Eyelash Glue

Black Glamorous Eyelashes with Case

White Feather Eyelashes with Case

Black Feather Eyelashes with Case

Red, White, and Blue Party Eyelashes with Case

Pink Party Eyelashes with Case

Gold Party Eyelashes with Case

Thick and Long Black Eyelashes with Case

Long Flare Black Eyelashes with Case

Black Eyelashes with Case

Black/Gold Eyelashes

Silver Spider Web Eyelashes

Black and Silver Eyelashes

Blue/Black Extra Long Eyelashes

Blue Tip Eyelashes

Black Peaked Eyelashes

Eyelashes with Black Crystals

Eyelashes with Triangle Crystals

Eyelashes with Red Crystals

Eyelashes with Silver Glitter

Cross Lashes with Glitter

Red Fake Eyelashes

Mardi Gras Tri-Color Eyelashes

Black Beaded Tip Eyelashes

Glittered Hollywood Star Glasses

Jeweled Star Power Glasses

Charlie Sheen Winning Sunglasses (Adult)

Flip Ups Neon Glasses Adult

80s Rock Star Guitar Sunglasses

80s Neon Rimmed - Pink Sunglasses

80s Neon Rimmed - Orange Sunglasses

80s Neon Rimmed - Green Sunglasses

80s Mod Sunglasses - Purple, Green and Blue

80s Mod Sunglasses - Orange, Pink and Red

80s Diva Fanci-Frame Sunglasses

Metallic Oval Glasses - Burgundy

Metallic Oval Glasses - Red

Metallic Oval Glasses - Blue

Metallic Oval Glasses - Gold

Metallic Oval Glasses - Silver

Metallic Oval Glasses - Purple

Metallic Oval Glasses - Black

Metallic Oval Glasses - Orange

Metallic Oval Glasses - Green

Patriotic Stars Glasses

Patriotic Guitar Glasses

Coconut Drinks Sunglasses

Palm Tree and Parrot Fanci-Frames

Soccer Ball Fanci-Frames

Basketball Fanci-Frames

Golf Ball Fanci-Frames

Margarita Fanci-Frames Sunglasses

Baseball Fanci-Frames

Birthday Cake Sunglasses

Beer Bottle Sunglasses

St. Patrick Beer Mug Fanci-Frames

Oversized Rock and Roller Glasses

Glittered Hollywood Star Glasses

Jeweled Star Power Glasses

Bug Eyes Glasses

Michael Jackson Performance Accessory Kit (Adult)

Machinist Goggles Adult

Radioactive Aviators Adult

Technicolor (Green) Glasses Adult

Mr. 50s Glasses Adult

Butterfly Louvre Glasses Adult

Flame Fancy-Frames Sunglasses

Barbie Glitter Sunglasses Asst. (10 count)

Neon Peace Sign Sunglasses Asst. (1 count)

Michael Jackson Sunglasses

The Big Lebowski Walter Sunglasses

The Big Lebowski The Dude Sunglasses

Beatnik Accessory Kit (Adult)

Mad Scientist Frosty White Adult Sunglasses

80s White Slot Adult Glasses

80s Black Slot Adult Glasses

80s Neon Green Slot Adult Glasses

Elvis Glasses Adult

Heart Sunglasses (12 count)

Star Sunglasses (12 count)

White Cat Eye Sunglasses

Rimless Red Dice Sunglasses

Hibiscus Flower Deluxe Glasses

Greaser Sunglasses

Ladys Pink Sunglasses

Police Glasses Adult

Mod White Sunglasses

Mod Red Sunglasses

Mod Black Sunglasses

Thats Hot Glasses - Pink Adult

Police Mirrored Sunglasses

Pilot Sunglasses (4 count)

Curious George Sunglasses (4 count)

Flashy Sunglasses Asst. (10 count)

Top Secret Sunglasses (4 count)

Heart Shaped Sunglasses Asst. (12 count)

Rapper Yellow Lense Specs

1950s Sunglasses Adult

Feelin Groovy Round Glasses


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