Food and Music
  • Dress up your food and drinks with bowties.

  • Find a tuxedo strawberry recipe here.
  • Garnish your drinks with starfruit.
  • Rent a popcorn machine and generate movie-theatre aromas and buckets full of buttery popped popcorn.
  • Use place cards to highlight the food. Consider naming your food with a “Hollywood title”s to add to the theme. (Designs included with mystery.)

You may want to consider some traditonal fare spiced up with a few twists!

Popcorn: you can add flavor to microwave popcorn by making a spice mixture such as this one.

Pretzels: Buy frozen pretzels from the grocery store and serve with elegant sauces: plum, honey-mustard, gourmet cheese, etc.

Hot dogs: serve sausages of a higher variety.

Pizza: make it gourmet with vegetable toppings and some oil and vinegar on the top.

Always a good idea when hosting!

Have a buffet of elegant hors d'oevres by creating or asking everyone to bring an Oscar-worthy appetizer.

Consider a “Popcorn Bar” where your guests add their own toppings to their popcorn.

Set up a “Candy Bar” for dessert. Have a number of your favorite movie candies from licorice to milk duds to Mike & Ikes. A fun and easy way to "treat" your guests and keep within your theme!


  • Upon arrival, offer champagne or other bubbly drinks for your guests to toast to their accolades. You can find a champagne fountain online rather inexpensively.

  • Create your own cocktails with movie titles in the names. Here is a link with 19 movie-named drink recipe options for you.

  • Make wine charms for your guest’s champagne/wine glasses. Template included with packet.


  • Play a compilation of songs from famous movie soundtracks. Check this list for "best movie soundtracks".

  • Stream music from the internet -- If you want current music, but don't want to pay for it, set up to stream music from the internet for your party. You can do so by utilizing the radio function or pocasts in iTunes! If you don't have itunes already on your computer, you can download it here.

  • For Free Music-- Visit your local library for a number of compilations.




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